Ashley Alix

After months of pain and a weekend with my head under a pillow, I decided to Google after hour dentist ....... It was the best decision I made ...... I clicked the 1st thing I seen ..... And on the other end was the sweetest voice telling me to come in her office within the next hour...... Upon arrival ...... I was greeted and treated very nice even with no insurance ... Her main concern wasn't my payment but more of easing my pain ........ I explained to her my fear of the dentist due to bad experiences she took that into consideration and made me very comfortable and relaxed ..... She eased my anxiety & pain ....... Tawana D Feimster is a God send Angel....... I'm glad I made that call and also found an office I can get my dental work done ... . If I could I would give her 10 star's ???? she saved my life today 2-4-19 is a day I'll never forget

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